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Digital Waiver

A NEW digital waiver is required before any player can enter the arena. We highly recommend that you follow the link below to complete the form before you arrive at the Battalion. This will simplify the check in process and speed your ability to play.

Important Safety Information

  • #1 Rule Face Mask MUST be worn at all times in the arena where games are played.

  • FPS LIMIT is 400 FPS measured with .20 gram BB's (1.49 Joules max.)

  • ROF (Rate of Fire) Limit 30 

  • Barrel Taps allowed (knife kill)

  • Nurf swords, rubber knives and like-kind soft weapons allowed

  • No Engagement Limits.

  • Everyone under the age of 18 Must have sealed Eye protection and Full Face. Two peice protection is allowed. i.e. Sealed goggles with mesh lower.

  • 18 and Up…Minimum SEALED Eye protection. (Safety or Shooting Glasses are NOT allowed)

  • No Mesh eye protection allowed.

  • No BB's .28 gram or heavier allowed. In other words, .20g .23g and .25g ONLY 

  • No .12g BB's allowed in any Battalion Rental

  • No Dry Firing in the Ready Rooms.

  • Integrity rules at Battalion. ALL players must call their own hits.

  • No blind firing.

  • Loading tables for magazines only. No magazines allowed in any gun in the Ready Rooms.

  • No Riot Shields allowed

  • (No coolers allowed)


It is the strict policy of this company that no Battalion Staff would ever be alone or in the presence of any minor behind closed doors for any reason. All doors with public access have lights (windows) placed in doors for security purposes. If you have any questions about this policy or any rules at Battalion Airsoft Arena please contact Chris Webster at
Thank you!

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